Making sense of sustainability in the recreational boating industry

Innova Marina - 07 June 2023

The Introduction to Sustainability in Marinas offers a narrative approach to a few of the ways in which sustainability applies to marinas. Starting at inception with ecological and social design considerations and completing the circle by learning to protect local biodiversity and encouraging citizen science, the guide hopefully serves as a useful resource for marina managers and their teams.

Bringing together sustainability experts, scientists, engineers, researchers, and designers from across the recreational maritime industry, this updated anthology is a delightful example of the level of collaboration we are fortunate to be able to enjoy in the world of recreational boating.

New articles in this edition include orientation on how marinas can make a positive contribution to the SDGs, sustainable design principles and different options for marinas seeking to obtain recognition for their commitment to responsible environmental management. There are helpful pointers to how to improve equity, inclusion and diversity in marinas and an encouraging piece on the importance of building alliances within the industry.

We explore how smart destination integration might work for marinas and topically, take steps into the pioneer territory of how alternative propulsion infrastructure might look for a fleet seeking to reduce carbon emissions. An inspiring overview of work being carried out by the Blue Marine Foundation suggests ways in which marinas could interact with local conservation entities, and oceanographer Dr. Dominque Durand sets out examples of how marinas can engage more productively and respectfully with their local natural environment.

Sincere thanks to Elizabeth Dumergue, José Luis Fayos, Esteban L. Biondi, Marcelo Sabanes, Idan Cohen, Philip Easthill, Patrick Hemp, Dr. Dominique Durand, Johann Durand, Véronique Tourrel Clément, Jon White, Sara-Jane Skinner and the team at Blue Marine Foundation for their very valuable contributions, to Hannah Wagstaff at Yacht Havens for great advice and to John Murphy for the generous use of his photos.

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