Updated Technology makes new Gobius Pro even better

LeeSan - 09 September 2022

Background Tank Sensor

The Gobius Pro, the latest version of the Gobius Tank Contents Monitoring System uses a leap forward in technology to make it even better.

The sensor technology is built on a method of monitoring the contents of a fluid tank from the outside. This means that (unlike other measuring systems) the sensor never comes into contact with the tank contents. This avoids the risks of contamination, clogging, or just the need for messy cleaning.

When adhered to the side of a tank a Gobius sensor exerts a short burst, small force onto its wall and causes it to vibrate. An accelerometer built into the sensor measures the vibrations caused by the force and transmits the signal to the sensor processor. The processor’s algorithm calculates a vibration value each time the sensor performs, a measurement which can indicate the level of the fluid within the tank.

The Gobius Pro sensor is mounted on the outside of metal or plastic fluid tanks, eradicating the need for drilling holes and making it extremely easy to retrofit. It can either work alone or together with several additional sensors and has built-in (BLE) Bluetooth communication for Android and iOS phones, eliminating the need for wiring between them and the display unit.

In addition, the sensor has two outputs for integration. For example, in Bus-systems, control relays, lights or buzzers. Useful for all kinds of fluids, like fresh water, fuel, oil, grey/black water and waste water, this can be sent direct to an on-board display.

The LeeSan team (who have championed the product and have been distributing it since it was created) are happy to answer questions on the application, fitting and use of the new Gobius Pro.


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