Salterns Brokerage becomes UK’s first distributor for FUGU Powerboats

Salterns - 05 February 2021

The Salterns Group and Salterns Brokerage are thrilled to announce an exclusive new UK distribution and partnership with FUGU Powerboats.

FUGU have been developing the exciting 29 RIB model for over 2 years and the first 29 RIB will arrive in the UK from this innovative new Swedish manufacturer in May 2021.

Dubbed as ‘a new era for boating’ the team and developers at FUGU have combined the latest hull technology and craftsmanship to create one of the world’s strongest, fastest and quietest RIB. Cruising at 40 knots, with top speeds of 60 knots, the high-performance inboard engine is barely audible and the Ullman Bulldog seats advanced suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

Amongst the many benefits this RIB brings is its low fuel consumption, ensuring reduced fuel costs and lowering the owner’s environmental footprint compared to a standard outboard engine with no catalytic converter.

The FUGU 29 RIB arrives at Salterns Marina on 1st May, just at the start of the predicted epic UK Staycation season. An exclusive premier will follow, with the opportunity for clients to book sea trials and test the boats capabilities at our stunning Sandbanks location in Poole Harbour.

Nick Smith, Salterns Group Managing Director stated: ‘The FUGU powerboat caught my eye the very first time I saw it. With its sleek lines and impressive design, we were delighted to discover the exceptional engineering and precision technology used to make the hull and create one of the most exciting new RIBs to hit the market in recent times. We are confident our brokerage customers, and UK boat enthusiasts in general, will appreciate the extraordinary performance, high speeds and low fuel consumption this RIB offers. The FUGU 29 is fully customisable and compliments our other brands including the award winning Sealegs dealership which are sold to both leisure and commercial customers. Working with FUGU is going to an important part of our development and growth strategy throughout 2021’.

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